Monday, July 12, 2021

Hair today, gone tomorrow? Ugh.


They say your hair plays an intrinsic part to your identity and how can it not? What we see when we look in the mirror is indicative of our feelings and the important part they play in our identity. So, when you look in the mirror and suddenly start noticing tons of hair falling out, you feel like a big part of who you are is disappearing too. Like with every hair that falls out, a little piece of you falls along with it...

I've always had a lot of hair. Decently thick too. And considering all the crazy colors and cuts I've gone through, I'm shocked my hair didn't start falling out years ago. I went through a tumultuous divorce back in 2014 and not even that rollercoaster ride of emotion made my hair fall out. My hair actually looked fabulous. 

So, fast forward to a few months ago. Around Delilah's first birthday. That's when I knew I had a significant problem. If you're questioning what to attribute your hair loss to, here's how I figured out my issue. Most mothers will go through some amount of postpartum hair loss. Google it. It's a natural process and nothing to worry about, in general. Postpartum hair loss can start around the 6 month mark and tends to dissipate about the time your kiddo is celebrating their 1st birthday. Postpartum hair loss shocks some mothers because you just experienced a year of your best looking mane yet! For example, my hair was fabulously shiny and soft. And my god, not ONE hair fell out during pregnancy! Consider postpartum hair loss like a snake shedding its old skin. That's what your hair is doing. And you should notice baby hairs coming in all over because your hair is going through a process, mom. Something you should be used to by now. Because becoming a mom is literally a suitcase-full of bodily changes. Oh goodie.

Welp. Postpartum hair loss was not my problem, unfortunately. Kinda wish it was. I started losing massive amounts of hair just after Delilah turned one. This was more than shedding. And while I wasn't seeing any balding or bald patches, there was just too much hair falling out. And I could feel it every time I put my hair in a ponytail. It was getting thinner and thinner and thinner. And it wasn't stopping. Just seemed like it was getting worse every day. Hair everywhere. Literally becoming some sort of sad, contemporary art installation decorating my shower wall. Because in the shower was where it came out in droves and I can only imagine how much was going down the drain. The hair I managed to catch I stuck to the wall to keep it from clogging the drain, but eventually, we actually had to call a plumber.

I was losing SO MUCH FUCKING HAIR, we had to call a plumber. Ya'll know how handy Chris is and even he couldn't unclog the fuckery my hair had caused. So, that was pretty embarrassing. Even with as much hair as I gathered, and tossed in the trash, even more was slipping down the drain and that was it for me. 

Most people would probably check in with their primary care physician at this point. But for me, I was not so eager to go this route for a simple reason. My doctors are great, but I' just not interested in having issues remedied by anti-depressants. Which is the road I know they like going down. And depressed is not my problem so much as STRESS is my problem. And not managing it. 

A lot of us are coping with stress thanks to this fucking thing called a pandemic. And if you do a little research, apparently this pandemic stress is causing a lot of us to maybe not lose our minds, so much as we are losing our damn hair. We all internalize stress in different ways. Some people gain weight. Some people lose it. Some people experience terrible acne, psoriasis or other skin conditions that can manifest from coping with stress. Stress can literally cause cancer. Stress sucks.

But like I mentioned earlier, once upon a time, I went through a pretty ridiculous, pretty stressful divorce. And as I've discovered, it was a different kind of stress. A re-birthing so-to-speak. My divorce was stressful, but it was a welcome transition that I embraced! And so, no hairs fell from my head. 

The 2020 pandemic brought a new kind of stress for everyone. But as a first-time mother, I felt the stress hit in a different way. Would've been nice to enter into motherhood without all the fear and seclusion brought on by a pandemic. New mom's worry all the time. But the pandemic quadrupled my fears not just about overall health and well-being, but the world I was now bringing a child into wasn't ideal. So much hate, divisiveness, insecurity...let's just say I now totally understand the phrase, "Mother's take on the weight of the world." I was taking it on. And it was manifesting in my hair loss. Which of course, no one really noticed except for me..."Your hair looks so amazing!".....ugh...thanks but if you only knew....

Stress for me meant I wasn't eating enough. I was working out and overdoing it sometimes, and on an empty tank, that's no bueno. Then, the worst part for me was not getting enough sleep. The baby sleeps, like a baby. Absolute perfection of a sleeper. The dog sleeps. My husband sleeps. But his snoring and bullshit was keeping me up for hours. Plus all the worrying about your kiddo being raised in a post-pandemic's just a lot. Not so much to be depressed. But just enough to send my body into a freakout. 

Now that you fully understand my circumstances, here's what I've been doing to rectify my situation. And I'm going to say first and foremost, you are not Jack. And Wellbel capsules are not your magic beans. You're not gonna pop these and find your hair has grown 10 inches in 3 weeks. It's important for you to be realistic when you start considering taking any kind of supplement. The key word being supplement. Supplements are meant to SUPPLEMENT whatever healthy lifestyle choices you're already making. So, like I said. This is not going to be a Jack and the Beanstalk story. There's no magic here. Because you gotta put in the work, honey. 

Wellbel capsules aim to provide you with the exact right amount of biotin nourishment that you need to facilitate hair and nail growth, with the added benefit of nice skin. 3 a day is the recommendation. And I've waited till I am almost 4 months in to taking Wellbel, before I reported on my results + what I've been doing in addition to taking this supplement.

I know Wellbel works because after 48 hours, I literally noticed a difference in the skin on my face. And that was something I most certainly did not expect. Not after 6 capsules. The results for my skin have been almost instantaneous. The hair growth, as can be expected, has been slow but steady. My baby hairs around the crown of my head were annoying and prenatal vitamins were no longer making hair grow like they once did. Wellbel has sped up the growth of these baby hairs. I realized this because I stopped taking prenatals and was only relying on Wellbel. The baby hairs are practically bangs after 3 months. At least an inch to 2 inches added on. And if I could keep my anxiety to a low roar, I might be able to keep the nails which Wellbel has also helped with.

So, yes! In my opinion, Wellbel is all they claim it to be. Check the reviews. Hard to find something negative. Not every review is some amazing story. Everyone seems to be benefitting from Wellbel in some positive way. And for some, results come quicker than others. But you'll be hardpressed to find any naysayers. The reason can be attributed mostly to the fact that Wellbel has the RIGHT amount of biotin. In a market somewhat saturated with hair loss products, the team behind Wellbel discovered that most products offering biotin as a solution to your problem, contained too much biotin or too little.

 What does that mean?? Too much biotin can send your skin's oil production into overdrive and suddenly you might find you're fighting issues with acne when you didn't have acne before. And if acne was an issue, too much biotin can exacerbate an already-existing problem. Too little biotin? Well, not enough biotin in a product essentially means you're probably not going to see results, and certainly not in the timeframe you reasonably expected. 

So, yay for Wellbel. My hair still falls out (although not in droves as it was) but it's consistently growing too. And that's what's important to see. The continuous healthy growth that will inevitably take the place of the hair that I'm shedding. 

Stress ebbs and flows every week. Some days are always going to be harder than others. And with my proclivity to freak out any time something goes mildly awry, it's been a process to find my peace. And in that peace, doing as much as I can to de-stress! Along with taking Wellbel supplements, I had to stop missing meals, chill out on my workouts, DRINK WATER, and find little ways to make respites of peace for myself around the house. Lifestyle changes don't have to be major to make a big difference.

For example, most evenings, once the baby goes down to sleep around 8:30, it's me time. Doesn't matter how exhausted I am (not always the case) I will draw a bath or take a shower. It's to help wind me down. Then I've found the way to overpower Chris's unbearable snoring is an air purifier. Not only does it swoop up dust particles in the air, but it provides the right level of white noise to drown out any unruly noises that keep me from getting the sleep I need. Add in a cup of black tea, my oil diffuser and I'm well on my way to finding some semblance of peace that is so needed at the end of the day.

And speaking of tea, I hate water. So thank god that tea counts as hydration because otherwise I'd be a mess. Keeping properly hydrated is also one of my key issues and also a contributing factor to hair loss. If I'm dry AF on the inside, I'm dry AF on the outside. Makes sense. So, as painful as it's been for me to put down the Diet Coke's, I've been doing it. And guess what? Drinking water makes your scalp less dry! Groundbreaking! Yes, I know I'm ridiculous. 

Okay, so now that I wrote an encyclopedia's worth, let's recap:

- First, figure out what's causing your hair loss. Can be a myriad of things! Postpartum, illness, stress, etc. Pinpointing is key. If you're experiencing hair loss to the extent of balding, you should definitely see your doctor. Balding and bald patches go beyond excessive shedding and can be a sign of something more serious like alopecia. 

- Wellbel's biotin supplements are just that. Something formulated to supplement the healthy decisions you're already making for your lifestyle. Biotin alone won't solve your hair loss issues, but it sure as heck is going to help keep your hair growing.

- Wellbel is also so, so good for your skin and nails because their formulation contains the right amount of biotin. Not too much and not too little.

- The world's issues aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Make peace with that fact and then find yours. Make time for yourself. Eat better. Drink more water. Get sleep. Wash your hair less and let it marinate in its natural oils if you're battling a dry scalp. Did I mention drinking MORE WATER? Yeah. Do it. 

With all that said, if you wanna give Wellbel a shot, here's the link to their website. I suggest doing the monthly subscription. Because this is something you need to take every day. You gotta be consistent to see results, as with pretty much anything in life. You got this.

This is not a sponsored post. I don't have a special discount code to offer you. (Some of you have been asking) I'm not gaining anything other than maybe a month's supply of Wellbel. When I was contacted, it was about being open and honest and wholesome when sharing my story and my experience. Which was something I was already planning on doing. My meeting with the Wellbel team was informative and allowed for a better understanding of why they are the best product in their category. Their customer service goes above and beyond too. They are there for you, night, day...on a Sunday at like 4am, as I discovered. You got questions, fears, they've got answers and most importantly a legit product that offers hope, and of course, results are always good too, lol.

Wellbel - Quality Supplements For Hair, Skin And Nail Health


Tuesday, June 1, 2021

First flight fright


We had the opportunity to go wherever we wanted. Hawaii...the Caribbean...wherever. But taking into consideration this would be the baby's first flight, I wanted it to be short and sweet. Desperate to get the heck outa Dodge, we hastily booked a short hour and a half flight down to my favorite little escape in Palm Springs. This flight. This vacation. This was all going to be a test for all of us. And somewhere in there I'm supposed to remember to enjoy myself.

This would not only be Delilah's first flight, but this was going to be a first for Chris and I as well. Flying with a baby is one of those adulting thresholds we've successfully avoided. Until now. And let's be honest, Chris was totally 100% unfazed by what traveling with a baby entails. I was the one who panicked for 2 weeks straight. I was the one who thought of all the possible scenarios and what we would were going to need to survive this experience. You're welcome, Chris.

I bought everything from flashy new toys she hadn't seen yet to a headset to muffle the noise of the plane to a travel-stroller that folds up small enough to fit in your backpack. Per the usual, Amazon came through with everything I needed for the flight and all the things I would need to keep her stylishly safe in the sun. When I tell you I was prepared, I was PRE-PARED. Like give myself a pat-on-the-shoulder-prepared. 

Part of that prep though included buying her a seat on the plane. It's up to you, but if you can, I suggest getting your child their own seat. Even for a short flight. Her car seat we used in the Ubers to and from the airports and in the rental truck we had in Palmies. But we checked it in with our luggage. Didn't have a reason to use it on her plane seat since she's 13 months old and can sit up on her own. But having her own seat worked out great in our case because she spent most of the time in her seat, quietly entertained by her new toys and snacks. Must always have snacks.

This fake iphone was clutch! Linked below.

Linked everything I took for the flight and scroll down further for links to our vacay-mode style.

THE master fold-up stroller that the airlines recommend + the fan we attached to keep the air flowing around her + the backpack that that stroller folds into.

1. GB Pockit Lightweight Stroller - CLICK HERE

2. Clip-on Stroller Fan - CLICK HERE

3. ZOEA Fold-up Stroller Bag - CLICK HERE

(Scroll down to the very end of the post to see a quick video of the stroller in action.)

This set of bags was perfect for ALL my on-the-go needs for Delilah and myself. One bag had a comb, baby sunscreen, stain removal pen, hair ties, bandaids, Tylenol, chapstick, baby balm...ALL the things in there! The smaller bag was for those emergency SNACKS. Kept these in my carry-on and my daily bag.

Exploreloon Travel Bags - CLICK HERE

Checking in your car seat? Then you'll need the airline-approved Gorilla Grip bag. Folds up into a pouch and has a luggage tag attached. Our car seat did just fine traveling in this.

Gorilla Grip Car Seat Travel Bag - CLICK HERE

While the airplane noise ended up not bothering her, I was ready just in case with these noise-cancelling headphones. The key to the baby keeping them on? You gotta have something infinitely more distracting ready while you put them on. 

FridayBaby Noise-cancelling Headphones - CLICK HERE

She loves her fake iPhone which means I LOVE her fake iPhone! Best $10 I ever spent. Our fellow first-class passengers probably loved it too. Because the princess was quiet so long as she had her phone and a snack.

Toy Cell Phone - CLICK HERE

A few of the essentials I carried around on the daily.

1. Ever Eden All-purpose Healing Balm - CLICK HERE

2. Ever Eden Baby Lip Balm - CLICK HERE

3. Babo Botanicals Baby Face Sunscreen Stick SPF 50 - CLICK HERE

We stayed at the Avalon in Palm Springs. Also stayed here for our honeymoon, so there was something kinda special about bringing Delilah. Absolutely love staying there. It's an old property that's been renovated but nothing super modern. It's a chic, rather large, secluded property. Unlike a lot of chic outposts in Palm Springs, the Avalon is kiddo-friendly. Everything is black and white. Clean, minimal decor. But most importantly is the friendly staff who have always made us feel so welcome. It's such a nice, casual vibe. Everyone is most friendly and attentive to whatever your needs be. The food and the service are perfect. Just like the expertly manicured, lush green property the hotel sits on.

We chose to stay in a garden suite and the hotel readily provided us with a rollaway crib and a pack-n-play for Delilah. The Avalon is a very popular destination and it was impossible to book a larger bungalow as they were completely booked up. It really was a revolving door of guests checking in and out and since we were there long enough, we got to know all our neighbors poolside. Delilah made quite the impression on everyone she met. It was cute and refreshing, considering most of us were traveling for the first time since the pandemic started.

Anyway, I've linked our fabulous swimsuits and gear. I've also linked her travel outfits by Mason Grey Los Angeles. Basically, all aspects of this trip are linked in this post. If I can link it, it's here!

Black & White Star Collection Robe + Onesie by Mason Grey LA - CLICK HERE

Amaio Swimwear - CLICK HERE

This white one-piece is from Target and it says, Mommy WHO? Haahaaa!

I'm wearing a size medium for reference.

This swimsuit is super popular on Amazon and once I put it on, I realized why. HOLY CHICNESS! Definitely a must so I have it in the white too.

HILOR One-piece Swimsuit - CLICK HERE

I'm wearing a size small for reference.

(mine are sold out but the link takes you to ALL her jellies)
You can also find them at Marshalls & TJ Maxx.

RuffleButts Baby Black & White Swimsuit - CLICK HERE

COCOSAND Baby Sunglasses with Strap - CLICK HERE

These onesies have long sleeves BUT are SUPER thin! Got these for her to sleep in so she had a little extra something in the air conditioning.

Hanes Onesies - CLICK HERE

RuffleButts Baby Seersucker Swimsuit - CLICK HERE

Moon & Back Baby Swim Hat - CLICK HERE

And something worth noting for the first-time mommies like myself, as I'm sure you already know, sometimes it just doesn't matter how much you've prepared. When your child delves into meltdown mode, sometimes there's not a whole lot you can do other than take a deep breath, take a sip of your bloody Mary and pray for a swift landing. As is also the case at restaurants. Delilah would go from all-smiles to needing an exorcism in the time it took for me to drink a beer. Sometimes you can have all the snacks, and they just don't give a fuck. So swallow your beer. Get your food to go. And get that child to an exorcist asap. LoL!

Also, a MAJOR lifesaver for us was bringing Delilah's baby monitor. Every afternoon, when it was her nap time, we took her back to the refreshingly air-conditioned room and put her down for a few hours. The proximity of our suite to the pool was just about 200 feet and the baby monitor handled it like a champ. While she napped, we were able to enjoy ourselves poolside, in complete peace for a few hours at a time every afternoon. I'll link the baby monitor we use because it functions off a radio signal, not wi-fi. Which is what gave it the excellent coverage and range.

GoodBaby Baby Monitor - CLICK HERE

...till next time

Quick vid of Chris folding up the travel stroller so you can see how quick and how compact it really is. Link to purchase is above!

Video compilation of our Palm Springs escape.

*Any links that go to Amazon products are products I use and endorse and if you decide to purchase, I earn a commission. 
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