Monday, January 28, 2019

Mini Skincare Fridges are like a Major Thing Right Now.

So much buzz about the mini skincare/beauty fridges I've been showing on my instagram/stories! Details & links below.

First of all, just WHY?

- refrigerating many beauty/skincare products extends their shelf-life, because yes, skincare products have expiration dates too. so, if you like to stock up on masks as I do, you'll see why I actually have 2 skincare fridges.

- COLD serums, under eye-gels, sheet masks, jade rollers etc. feel THAT much better going on when they've been chilling 24/7 in your mini fridge.

Why not keep stuff in the kitchen refrigerator?

- ew. That's why. I too used to keep my skincare shit in the regular fridge, but I wasn't happy about the thought of my jade roller mingling with the mayo or my eye-gels chilling by the get my drift?? I had to keep everything in a plastic ziploc & my things unnecessarily took up room in the fridge. 

Why do I have not 1 but 2 of these mini skincare fridges?

- Originally I got the mini white one. It's great. It's Cooluli's most popular (4-liter) version. Then I caught wind of the slightly larger (15-liter) gold tempered-glass version and well, it was done & done sweetie. Bougie? Hell yes. Do I care? Hell no. I had an Amazon gift card so that made that decision easier too...

I've justified 2 mini skincare fridges because besides the product I purchase on my own, as an "influencer" I do receive a pretty decent amount of product to test/advertise from PR. So, it's good to have somewhere to store my influx of product. 

I moved the mini white one (4-liter) to my bathroom which is perfect for my daily routine cuz it's right there on my bathroom counter. The bigger gold fridge chills out in my office, assimilating perfectly with the rest of my office accouterments.

In case you missed the links highlighted above:

As an Amazon influencer, I do receive a small commission from the above-linked products.


Monday, December 10, 2018

My Favorite Gifts to Give Xmas 2018


...and we are 15 days out.

Are you done Christmas shopping?

Did you manage something for everyone on your list?

No? Well, here is a list of just a few of my favorite things from this past year. And links to everything to simplify shopping and get everyone checked off your list! 

Just don't forget to scoop something for yourself...happy shopping from the comfort of your couch!


The ultimate tote for all the things. From your groceries to your Target finds. These Apolis totes are super spacious, hardcore (they hold up to almost 100 lbs.) customize-able and every purchase benefits the ladies in Bangladesh who make these wonderful totes by Apolis. I have 2 myself and am eyeing a 3rd. Because why not? At $68 for the "Market tote" they are totally worth it.

Just be sure to order by MIDNIGHT on December 16th if you need it by Xmas!


Pretty sure you all know my love of Face Halo microfiber discs. I use the white ones to remove my makeup in a cinch and the black ones to remove those difficult face masks.

Face Halo is such a time-saver. I swear. Check my instagram or YouTube channel for videos of this magical little disc. With JUST WATER, makeup and masks come off easy and FAST. You don't even need to wash your face after. It's a little insane. And probably the best gift you can give to any skincare-obsessed friend. 

YES. These are machine-washable (just skip using fabric softener!) They LAST forever. I wash mine with hand soap & water in the sink for quick washes but toss in the washer when it needs a more thorough cleaning. CHECK THEM OUT. You'll thank me later.


Thanks to Tomboy X, I got a rather nice introduction to their line of comfy, functional undies. I LOVE the full-coverage sports bra because it covers enough to double as a crop-top so I can wear out without having to cover-up.

The short boy briefs I selected from their collection are perfect. NO riding up, no bunching or getting stuck where I don't need them to get stuck! I've been running around the house in this set since Tomboy X sent it out to me to try out. New fan here Tomboy X

Check out their wide range of sizes and yes, they have different styles to accommodate errbody. Would definitely make a nice set to give to your significant other.


OBSESSED. I love my cute little mini beauty fridge. Cuteness and practicality for $40 people. First of all, I desperately wanted to get my beauty products OUT of our main fridge in the kitchen. Space is limited in there & ummmm, I kinda get grossed-out thinking about my face cream and jade roller chilling in the same vicinity as the, in my mind, this mini-fridge is a total necessity. 

Also, in case this is news to you, storing certain beauty products in the fridge extends their shelf-life. AND not to mention, nothing is more soothing than a chilled face mask.


Life-changing. I will never NOT use Dream coat by ColorWoW. My hair is one frizzed-out mess of knots and just overall hell on earth without Dream coat. Nothing, NOTHING gets my hair this smooth, this soft, this shiny, this perfect. Think I'm exaggerating? You know I don't steer you wrong. Dream coat is applied to wet hair (NO other products needed or recommended when using Dream coat). Blow dry. And you'll be effing amazed. You'll be shocked. You'll be thrilled. And then you'll probably go buy more Dream coat.


Random present you say? I think not. I got a doormat for my birthday that says "Please Hide Packages From Husband" and it's one of the greatest things someone has ever given to me. It's hilarious! And I love that my delivery guys are actually starting to find their sense of humor & abide by the doormat's instructions. Ha!

So, for Christmas I was thrilled to customize some doormats for some xmas present fun with Sweet Carolina Collective. These are the same awesome people who made my elopement sign...and my sister's wedding welcome sign...and really you need to check them out because they can do so much.


This post has been sponsored in part by Tomboy X.

As an Amazon influencer, I do receive a small commission from linked products purchased on Amazon. 


Monday, November 26, 2018


It's about damn time! Right?? I am forever recommending so many great products that can be found on Amazon, so my shop FULL of product recommendations is FINALLY HERE. Now, any time you see me mention something on Amazon you're curious about, just head over to:

It's a one-stop-shop with products I have and highly recommend. And yes, as an Amazon influencer, I do make a small commission with each purchase. 

So far my categories are: 
Beauty Products, Books (of course!), Cocktail Hour, Health & Betty (for my doggy lovers)!

So, HERE'S where you'll find easy links directly to products such as my glass straws, my glass water bottle, the ever-so-covetted beauty fridge, ice roller, diffuser oils, AND SO MUCH MORE...

So Happy CYBER MONDAY & Welcome to my Amazon Shop!


Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Same but Different

So, an idea had been circling my mind for a while. And it was all about changing the name of my website. For the past eight years, my website has been known as: Shopping, Saving & Sequins. And on Instagram I was appropriately @ShopSaveSequin....except for that brief time when I was @ShopSaveSequins but accidentally deleted my account. You ever wanna see a blogger have a complete mental breakdown? Delete their Instagram account. 

Eight or nine years ago I was all about those sequins. Like alllll about them. There was a healthy dose of sequins around me at all times. Obsessed. I love sequins. On almost anything. They’re just not the main focus of my wardrobe or my aesthetic or my website anymore. In blogger terminology, they’re just not “on brand“

MAY 2013


JULY 2014


Nine years ago, when I started this blog, I was 26 years old. Prematurely married to the wrong guy. And turned to my love of fashion as my escape. And it was the best escape. As the cliché goes, fashion was literally my passion. And I threw myself into the blog I created 24/7. I was a machine back then. I even took on a Summer intern one year to help out. She was down to get paid in shoes, so that helped.

Some of you probably remember the early days where there were lots of collaborations with some great brands. I was very busy building my content, building my reputation, and all the while getting to know and love my network of readers from all over the place. Because of course without loyal readers, where would this blog even be??? So many connections and friendships have been fostered along this journey...






Eventually hard work paid off and I got to fulfill dreams of going to NYFW for about five years in a row. Covering the shows I was invited to and posting my adventures as I trekked through NYC was and remains the highlight of blog-life for me....



Working hard on the website and its content got me through fashion weeks, an insanely unstable marriage and inevitable divorce. Essentially, Shopping, Saving & Sequins and its readers and overall potential gave me the incentive to keep going and pushing forward. Busy is always a good idea.

So, life changed. I changed. The website changed. And I had a feeling that a name change would happen eventually...for the blog that is...another marriage was not in the foreseeable future at the time.

"Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans." -Allen Saunders

Fast forward to meeting my wonderful husband Chris. Meeting Chris was definitely unexpected. But falling in love and even considering marriage again was even more unexpected

Chris has changed my life in many ways but I’m not here to delve into that and get mushy, so don’t worry. I won’t go there. But this human has impacted my life immensely in a way where I finally feel at peace. I finally found my happiness and where I belong. And that sense of peace and happiness and belonging has, in-turn, impacted my blog too. 

I like being Mrs. Gehrels. I like being a wife. I like being his wife. I love it in fact. And that makes all the difference.

I took a step back from the website and the incessant need to consistently foster new collaborations and create fresh content. I wanted and want to bask in newfound, much-deserved, peace & happiness. That mentality has driven the website to a slower more organic pace. Instead of posting to the website daily or weekly, I only post when I really want to and that way you know that the content on the website is something I really care about. Something I really want to say.  

While Instagram is a great way to keep up with me day-to-day, the website is like a summary and definitely more organized.

“Paging Mrs. Gehrels!” yells out my friend (more like my sister) Kim, getting my attention by making me laugh. Kimmy nailed it. Just being his hilarious self, he totally inspired/gave me what would be and what is the new name of my website. Shopping and saving on all things fashion, beauty and home are still my focus. And that is definitely one thing that hasn't and won't change. You know...same but different.

The name update feels fresh and more accurate. The logo will undergo an update at some point too...

And so, gone is the sequined-sploshed inspo for something that's more befitting of who I am today. Thus, Paging Mrs. Gehrels is born. I think we should celebrate with some giveaway's, the 1st prize being a little over $100 in Amika hair styling products. Entry is below. Per the usual, USA entrants only please and thank you and good luck and LOVE you all!

_______________GIVEAWAY TIME ________________


1 - Amika travel hair straightening brush w/ metallic rose-gold carrying case ($35 value)

1-  Amika "Perk Up" dry shampoo ($25 value)

1 - Amika "The Shield" style extending spray ($25 value)

1 - Amika skull canvas tote bag ($24 value)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, August 9, 2018

To Give A F*ck OR To Not Give a F*ck...

....That really is the ultimate question and the main subject of my latest good read, The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson.

It’s a quick read and a damn good one, and you know that I don’t typically tout books on the blog unless they’re worth it.

This is one of those books that everyone should read. Manson calls out certain attributes that are easily recognizable in other people and those same attributes that are not so recognizable in yourself for obvious reasons...But he’s not here to judge you from atop his proverbial pedestal. Manson is quick to cop to the fact that he too has had a lot of “growing up“ to do; that his shortcomings are not necessarily failures but just roadblocks along the journey of life. 

Basically, buck up buttercup because life is short and hard, and you can't get rid of those inevitable roadblocks. It’s up to you how you’re going to manage it. Happiness is a decision and you’ve got to know how to make it.

Below I’ve added a few passages from the book to give you a general vibe for what Manson is talking about - and that way you can see where he’s headed with his mantra and decide if the book is something you need in your collection.

“The key to a good life is not giving a fuck about more; it’s giving a fuck about less, giving a fuck about only what is true and immediate and important.” p.5

“The problem with people who hand out fucks like ice cream at a goddamn summer camp is that they don’t have anything more fuck-worthy to dedicate their fucks to. If you find yourself consistently giving too many fucks about trivial shit that bothers you...chances are you don’t have much going on in your life to give a legitimate fuck about. And that’s your real problem.“ p.18

“People who feel entitled view every occurrence in their life as either an affirmation of, or a threat to, their own greatness. If something good happens to them, it’s because of some amazing feat they accomplished. If something bad happens to them, it’s because somebody is jealous and trying to bring them down a notch. Entitlement is impervious. People who are entitled delude themselves into whatever feeds their sense of superiority.“ p.46

“The truth is that there’s no such thing as a personal problem. if you’ve got a problem, chances are millions of other people have had in the past, have it now, and are going to have it in the future.” p.56

“When we force ourselves to stay positive at all times, we deny the existence of our life‘s problems. And when we deny our problems, we rob ourselves of the chance to solve them and generate happiness. Problems add a sense of meaning and importance to our life. Thus to duck our problems is to lead a meaningless (even if supposedly pleasant) existence.“ p.85

“I try to live with few rules, but one that I’ve adopted over the years is this: if it’s down to me being screwed up, or everybody else been screwed up, it is far, far, far more likely that I’m the one who's screwed up.“ p.145

“That’s simply reality: if it feels like it’s you versus the world, chances are it’s really just you versus yourself.“ p.146


In short I’m a big fan of this book. it’s one of those books that you’ll read over and over again and grab something new from it each time. It’s a New York Times Bestseller but also a winner on my bookshelf, and one I highly recommend you put in your Amazon cart right this second...and speaking of here’s the link! 

Happy shopping and happy reading!
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