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Subscription Boxes: Who I Subscribe to & Why

Subscription Boxes. They are everywhere. Seems like everyone's subscribed to at least one curated box of goodies. From skincare to yoga outfits. And vitamins to pet food. Boxed and shipped to my front door sounds like a good idea to me!

Depending on who and what you're subscribed to, typically these boxes are seasonal. Which makes them ever more enticing (considering you're only getting charged every so often). 

So, here's a quick rundown of WHO I'm currently subscribed to and WHY I subscribe.


If you follow me via Instagram then you've definitely seen me touting these conveniently personalized little vitamin packs from Care/Of - short for, 'Take Care Of Yourself!'

How it all works is you go to the website and take a short quiz. The quiz asks you information on everything from your current body weight and diet, to your lifestyle and health goals. This is ALL vital info for Care/Of to be able to base their recommendations for your daily vitamin/supplement packs.

You take the quiz. They give you recommendations. But ultimately, you can choose your own vitamins, supplements and protein powders to curate your monthly delivery as you see fit.

30 packs are delivered monthly. However, if you fall behind or need to skip a month for whatever reason, you can easily log into your account and opt to delay your delivery. No fees. No problems. They make this very convenient. 

Expensive? Heck no. Not when you consider how much you'd ACTUALLY end up paying if you bought individual bottles of everything you opt to take. Chris and I are both signed up and we both pay, individually, less than $40/month for our vitamins and supplements.

Have they made a difference? Absolutely. I take the prenatals which keep my skin clear and my nails and hair growing like weeds! Not to mention, prenatal vitamins are jam-packed with like everything you need and then some. I also take the Digestive Enzyme and Probiotic Blend capsules, which have helped enormously keep my weight, bloat and gut in check!


USE CODE: VG7Y84 on at checkout.


Non-toxic AND contributes to an important cause. CORA pads, liners and tampons are my choice subscription when it comes to feminine hygiene product delivery services.

For every month's supply of CORA that you purchase, CORA helps provide a month's supply of pads and health education to a girl in need you wonder?

Yes. In need.

Millions of girls and women around the world STAY HOME FROM SCHOOL OR WORK DURING THEIR PERIODS! Because they cannot afford menstrual supplies. 

"300 million girls and women use rags, plastics, sand and ash to manage their periods."

I've been finding that this fact blows peoples minds....if you can't afford shoes or notebooks, how can you afford a basic need like pads? It's a real problem and CORA is aiming to fix it. And I LOVE being part of a solution to a major problem.

Seen CORA at Target? You betcha. And for every month's supply of CORA you purchase from Target, CORA gives a percentage of profits to support the ZanaAfrica Foundation - which helps young girls in Kenya stay in school by delivering reproductive health education and sanitary pads.

CORA pads are made with 100% certified organic cotton. They are free of more than 20 different toxic chemicals typically found in menstrual pads.

With CORA there are different plans with different products. All to suit you and your specific needs. You subscription can be altered or canceled with ease at any time. I currently get a box from CORA every 3 months with a supply of liners and an assortment of Regular + Overnight pads. I add tampons to my plan as I need them and remove them when I'm stocked. 

Pads or tampons come with a discreet black box which I keep easily on hand in my bathroom. And aesthetically speaking? LOVE that CORA doesn't feel the need to proliferate pink on their products solely because they're for girls. I like pink. But definitely appreciate CORA's neutral color palette. 

Ready to have your pads/tampons delivered at your convenience?



I mean, is there a soul in the universe that isn't subscribed to FabFitFun? After being a member for a full year now, I can honestly say this is one subscription that is hard to go wrong with.

It took me a minute to grasp their whole marketplace system...i.e. if you put something in your cart, you'll be charged for it! So, if you're not ready to seal the deal, DO NOT ADD TO CART. 

After I figured that whole thang out, ALL was well. And I like shopping FabFitFun's DEEPLY discounted array of products. Up to 70% OFF of brands like Coola, Kopari, Way of Will, Private Party, Whish, Elemis, Foreo, Pottery Barn, Grown Alchemist, GlamGlow, Bite Beauty, Oribe and SO. MANY. MORE.




As you can see in the photos, each seasonal box from FabFitFun is filled to the brim with so many goodies that it's hard to figure out what to open first. The excitement is palpable. I exaggerate NOT. I have yet to be disappointed by FabFitFun, so what are you waiting for?

Sign up here:



VERY similar to FabFitFun, BUT with a twist! CAUSEbox - root word CAUSE - because the whole point of your Causebox subscription is to learn about different brands and companies whose products aim to support an important CAUSE.

Causebox is relatively new to the subscription box game and I have an admittedly love/hate relationship with them. But if they've made it to my exclusive list here, then they're doing something right.

First of all, I love learning about different foundations and causes that I can contribute to, just by making better, more informed purchases. Buying products that will make a difference. Some kind of impact. And that's a good feeling! 

Causebox items are therefore going to be a tad more unique. Probably brands that will be new to you and some you're already familiar with. But I've found almost all products are useful and ALMOST never have an issue....Almost.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you've heard my gripes about Causebox. I've threatened on multiple occasions to I haven't. Because I have found that products I'm not interested in make great gifts to pass along...not everything in every box is going to knock it out of the ballpark for you, so remember, sharing is caring!

Buuuut, what about those gripes?

The very first box I got from Causebox was a dream. See the photo above. I mean there isn't one product in that box I don't love. I was obsessed and eager for the next box to come. Well, the next box had a major glitch when the highly-anticipated wooden cheeseboards had to be scrapped from everyone's boxes due to "water damage". I was annoyed. Mainly because the cheeseboard was swapped out for a Swell water bottle. Meh.

Another Causebox contained a set of earphones that initially excited everyone...but then we all quickly realized the earphones worked for about 2 hours before they died. Never coming back to life again. Total waste for an item purported to retail at $99.

More recently, Causebox encountered yet another snafu, this time with the way they decided to advertise a lovely, vegan leather portfolio. Their advertising showed the portfolio able to carry a laptop...unfortunately for the masses of people who signed up for Causebox, SOLELY for the portfolio, they found that the majority of laptops DID NOT actually fit into the portfolio. An item that retails for $100. The backlash for this was swift and understandable.

I contacted the designer of the portfolios and found out that the ones included in the Causebox subscription were NEVER meant to accommodate laptops. They were meant for iPads! And if you happened to have a tiny-ass laptop that fit in there, well, lucky you! Causebox made a whoops advertising the portfolio with a laptop, confusing everyone on the portfolio's actual dimensions and capability. Annoying to say the least. And so I digress.

I still subscribe to Causebox because I do like most of the products I receive. And whatever doesn't fit my lifestyle gets passed along...however, I did go into detail above because I felt details on my reasoning were a must. So, if you still feel like giving Causebox a whirl, here's the link:

Sign up for CAUSEBOX here:

So, there's my list of WHO and WHY I subscribe. Feel free to shoot me any questions about any of these subscriptions. OR to ask why I don't subscribe to other boxes like ipsy or Rachel Zoe's Box Of Style. 

I'm full of opinions, naturally, lol, so ask away!

Monday, March 11, 2019



I mean, am I right or am I right? Barbies and unicorns!

And so, here it is.

The coolest highlighter formula, packaging, applicator...ever?

Possibly. I mean, at least thus far.

Once you get past the cutest highlighter applicator ever, this ruby-infused balm is fantastic.  Roll a little and get a subtle pink shimmer. Roll a lot onto your mini paint roller and you'll see a shimmery rosy pink highlight. It really is a lot of fun and I love how I glisten in the sunlight.

Apply with or without other makeup. It's buildable. So, you can go for a subtle pink sheen OR look like you got baptized by unicorns!

Roller Glow's roll-on highlighting balm formula can be rolled on (obviously) with the mini paint roller OR you can use your fingertips. With the paint roller, you gotta roll it in the balm a bit and warm it up to layer it on the roller real good.

Available at Sephora, Roller Glow retails for about $28. Not bad considering that it comes with an EXTRA paint roller. One for now and one for later. Yasssss.....

Roll your Glow wherever you want a shimmery pink highlight...
cheekbones, decolletage, shoulders, temples...
just have fun!

Products received c/o Kaja Beauty & Influenster
for testing purposes. All thoughts & opinions are mine.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Mini Skincare Fridges are like a Major Thing Right Now.

So much buzz about the mini skincare/beauty fridges I've been showing on my instagram/stories! Details & links below.

First of all, just WHY?

- refrigerating many beauty/skincare products extends their shelf-life, because yes, skincare products have expiration dates too. so, if you like to stock up on masks as I do, you'll see why I actually have 2 skincare fridges.

- COLD serums, under eye-gels, sheet masks, jade rollers etc. feel THAT much better going on when they've been chilling 24/7 in your mini fridge.

Why not keep stuff in the kitchen refrigerator?

- ew. That's why. I too used to keep my skincare shit in the regular fridge, but I wasn't happy about the thought of my jade roller mingling with the mayo or my eye-gels chilling by the get my drift?? I had to keep everything in a plastic ziploc & my things unnecessarily took up room in the fridge. 

Why do I have not 1 but 2 of these mini skincare fridges?

- Originally I got the mini white one. It's great. It's Cooluli's most popular (4-liter) version. Then I caught wind of the slightly larger (15-liter) gold tempered-glass version and well, it was done & done sweetie. Bougie? Hell yes. Do I care? Hell no. I had an Amazon gift card so that made that decision easier too...

I've justified 2 mini skincare fridges because besides the product I purchase on my own, as an "influencer" I do receive a pretty decent amount of product to test/advertise from PR. So, it's good to have somewhere to store my influx of product. 

I moved the mini white one (4-liter) to my bathroom which is perfect for my daily routine cuz it's right there on my bathroom counter. The bigger gold fridge chills out in my office, assimilating perfectly with the rest of my office accouterments.

In case you missed the links highlighted above:

As an Amazon influencer, I do receive a small commission from the above-linked products.


Monday, December 10, 2018

My Favorite Gifts to Give Xmas 2018


...and we are 15 days out.

Are you done Christmas shopping?

Did you manage something for everyone on your list?

No? Well, here is a list of just a few of my favorite things from this past year. And links to everything to simplify shopping and get everyone checked off your list! 

Just don't forget to scoop something for yourself...happy shopping from the comfort of your couch!


The ultimate tote for all the things. From your groceries to your Target finds. These Apolis totes are super spacious, hardcore (they hold up to almost 100 lbs.) customize-able and every purchase benefits the ladies in Bangladesh who make these wonderful totes by Apolis. I have 2 myself and am eyeing a 3rd. Because why not? At $68 for the "Market tote" they are totally worth it.

Just be sure to order by MIDNIGHT on December 16th if you need it by Xmas!


Pretty sure you all know my love of Face Halo microfiber discs. I use the white ones to remove my makeup in a cinch and the black ones to remove those difficult face masks.

Face Halo is such a time-saver. I swear. Check my instagram or YouTube channel for videos of this magical little disc. With JUST WATER, makeup and masks come off easy and FAST. You don't even need to wash your face after. It's a little insane. And probably the best gift you can give to any skincare-obsessed friend. 

YES. These are machine-washable (just skip using fabric softener!) They LAST forever. I wash mine with hand soap & water in the sink for quick washes but toss in the washer when it needs a more thorough cleaning. CHECK THEM OUT. You'll thank me later.


Thanks to Tomboy X, I got a rather nice introduction to their line of comfy, functional undies. I LOVE the full-coverage sports bra because it covers enough to double as a crop-top so I can wear out without having to cover-up.

The short boy briefs I selected from their collection are perfect. NO riding up, no bunching or getting stuck where I don't need them to get stuck! I've been running around the house in this set since Tomboy X sent it out to me to try out. New fan here Tomboy X

Check out their wide range of sizes and yes, they have different styles to accommodate errbody. Would definitely make a nice set to give to your significant other.


OBSESSED. I love my cute little mini beauty fridge. Cuteness and practicality for $40 people. First of all, I desperately wanted to get my beauty products OUT of our main fridge in the kitchen. Space is limited in there & ummmm, I kinda get grossed-out thinking about my face cream and jade roller chilling in the same vicinity as the, in my mind, this mini-fridge is a total necessity. 

Also, in case this is news to you, storing certain beauty products in the fridge extends their shelf-life. AND not to mention, nothing is more soothing than a chilled face mask.


Life-changing. I will never NOT use Dream coat by ColorWoW. My hair is one frizzed-out mess of knots and just overall hell on earth without Dream coat. Nothing, NOTHING gets my hair this smooth, this soft, this shiny, this perfect. Think I'm exaggerating? You know I don't steer you wrong. Dream coat is applied to wet hair (NO other products needed or recommended when using Dream coat). Blow dry. And you'll be effing amazed. You'll be shocked. You'll be thrilled. And then you'll probably go buy more Dream coat.


Random present you say? I think not. I got a doormat for my birthday that says "Please Hide Packages From Husband" and it's one of the greatest things someone has ever given to me. It's hilarious! And I love that my delivery guys are actually starting to find their sense of humor & abide by the doormat's instructions. Ha!

So, for Christmas I was thrilled to customize some doormats for some xmas present fun with Sweet Carolina Collective. These are the same awesome people who made my elopement sign...and my sister's wedding welcome sign...and really you need to check them out because they can do so much.


This post has been sponsored in part by Tomboy X.

As an Amazon influencer, I do receive a small commission from linked products purchased on Amazon. 


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It's about damn time! Right?? I am forever recommending so many great products that can be found on Amazon, so my shop FULL of product recommendations is FINALLY HERE. Now, any time you see me mention something on Amazon you're curious about, just head over to:

It's a one-stop-shop with products I have and highly recommend. And yes, as an Amazon influencer, I do make a small commission with each purchase. 

So far my categories are: 
Beauty Products, Books (of course!), Cocktail Hour, Health & Betty (for my doggy lovers)!

So, HERE'S where you'll find easy links directly to products such as my glass straws, my glass water bottle, the ever-so-covetted beauty fridge, ice roller, diffuser oils, AND SO MUCH MORE...

So Happy CYBER MONDAY & Welcome to my Amazon Shop!

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